More to Mykonos than meets the eye!

For those travelers who haven’t visited the beautiful island of Mykonos yet and are still hesitating over their vacation plans this year, there are in fact some very compelling reasons why this island paradise should be top of your list.

Despite being recognized all over the world as one of the most cosmopolitan locations with sun-drenched beaches, spectacular sunsets and all night long summer parties, Mykonos has plenty of diverse interests to offer its visitors. From stunning architectural structures, ancient lighthouses, fascinating museums to a unique pebble beach. There is so much more to the island than meets the eye!

The Church of Panagia Paraportiani
One of the most visited architectural structures on the island, the white-washed church of Panagia Paraportiani, is situated in the castle area of Chlora, the oldest section of town. It attracts great attention due to its unusual structure. The unique building, which began construction in the 14th century, but was not completed until the 17th century, actually comprises of five churches, each one designed in a different style. The four churches found on the ground floor combine Byzantine, Vernacular, Traditional and Western style architecture with the fifth main temple built in later years on the floor above forming the beautiful domed roof. It is an idyllic setting for photographs catching the glorious sunsets across the Mediterranean Ocean in the background.
It goes without saying that holidaymakers will be able to enjoy swimming and sunbathing on some of the sandiest beaches of Mykonos such as Agios Ioannis and Paradise. However, just a short distance from the Agios Stefanos beach located next to Tourlous, the new harbor of Mykonos, stretches the extraordinary Houlakia Beach which is carpeted with smooth rounded pebbles and stones not found anywhere else on the island. The beach has a small sandy area with a hotel and restaurant and there is also a footpath along the rocky shoreline where visitors can admire the dramatic landscape and splendid views of Delos Island.

For travellers who want to enjoy the beauty of the rural landscape of Mykonos, there is the historic maritime Armenistis Lighthouse located on the cape of Armenistis and towering over the Mediterranean Sea. From this secluded vantage point, there are magnificent panoramic views of the islands Tinos, Syros, Naxos and Delos plus crystal clear blue waters as far as the eye can see.

Standing 19m/62ft high on this northeast tip of the island, the lighthouse, built in 1891 is still in operation and has a flashing lantern and gallery. The charming stone tower can be reached by travelling the scenic coastal route through Agios Stephanos and Houlakia Bay where exclusive images can also be captured on film.

This charming 18th century sea captain’s house, situated near the church of Paraportiani in the neighborhood of Kastro has been transformed into an interesting folk museum, exhibiting historical furnishings, old musical instruments and colourful ceramics. It also contains a reconstruction of a bedroom from that period and has a collection of traditional costumes. The museum is renowned for its display of realistic paintings and etchings of shipping vessels from the past and houses antique cannons.

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