Atmospheric stay with views to the ‘open museum’ of Delos island

Saint John Mykonos Hotel Villas & Spa is an all - inclusive resort on Mykonos Island addressing the discerning traveller who wishes to indulge in total luxury within tranquil surroundings and a setting portrayed by absolute natural beauty.
The resort is located at the bay of Agios Ioannis boasting its own private beach with crystalline waters and fine, golden sand. What will make your stay even more special here with us at Saint John, however, is the atmospheric views towards the island of Delos opposite which are uninhibited, thus, appreciated by all our sea-view rooms, our 9 exclusive and private suites and our 3 magnificent villas.
Delos island views from Saint John's swimming pool 
Delos island also accords its beauty to our assortment of gourmet restaurants, to our lively bars and communal spaces, and, of course, to our state-of-the-art Spa area and transforms your stay to an even higher state of consciousness...especially at sunset time.
Delos island from Saint John's swimming pool at sunset time 

Mykonos island basically owes its prosperous luck to Delos island. Mykonos’s success story begun during the first decades of the 20th century when its first visitors were in the area primarily to visit the huge archaeological site of neighboring Delos. This is how Mykonos was basically discovered. It conveniently served as a further stop on the way to Delos.
The energy emitting island of Delos was characterized as a Monument of International Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1990 and cherishes a plethora of archaeological exhibits while hundreds of myths have been portraying its history. Delos is still considered by many as a sacred land. It is the birth place of Olympian gods Apollo and Artemis and it was believed to be a floating rock amidst the Aegean Sea until god of the seas - Poseidon - stabilised its positioning as an island at the absolute centre of the Aegean archipelago!  
Delos island, photo credits:
Delos island emerged from obscurity in the late 18th century, when extensive archaeological excavations were initiated on the island. Excavations have been taking place in waves over the years with the most significant being that carried out between 1958 and 1975. Findings are hosted at the Archaeological Museum of Delos. 
Artemis and deer at the Archaeological Museum of Delos, photo credits:

Overall, Delos constitutes the most important ‘open-air’ museum across Greece. The only people that inhabit the island are, in fact, those present to guide tourists at the numerous and significant sites plus the ones working at the archaeological museum.

Apollo’s Sanctuary on Delos, photo credits:

During your stay with us, our staff will happily arrange for you to visit this unique, rich in history and huge archaeological site opposite Saint John Resort. All you have to do is wear your comfortable shoes and grab your camera in order to capture the Agora of the Competaliasts, the Temple of the Delians, the Terrace of the Lions, the Establishment of the Poseidoniasts from Beirut, the Minoan Fountain, the open Theatre, the Stoivadeion, the two glorious Temples of Isis and Hera and much, much more.   
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