Why to choose Mykonos for your Holidays!

Upon making our initial choice of visiting the “island of the winds”, usually our first thoughts include a crazy nightlife and partying all night long. This island, though, cherishes so many other angles waiting to be discovered by the thousands of visitors on an annual basis. In fact, it is those few visitors who actually manage to see beyond the crazy nightlife of Mykonos that acquire the best of the island’s features and this is precisely why they choose to come back again and again…
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Its crystal blue waters, its persistent sunshine, its fresh sea breeze all add ounces of joy to your holiday under the transparent sky of the Aegean Sea. Perpetual motion, lights, celebrities, picturesque settlements in blue and white, a refreshingly happy atmosphere, pure delight and enjoyment, hospitality, enviable shopping options, unforgettable gastronomy, endless charm… We could really go on and on!  
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Characteristics that we seldom find back home… countless golden beaches, a very rich and varied culture, warm and salty winds, vivid conversations among friendly locals. It all started during the first decades of the 20th century when, initially, visitors of the island were interested to see the archaeological site of a neighboring island, Delos. This is how Mykonos was discovered.

The tourist boom may have taken place as far back as the 60s, but the island’s picturesque landscapes, its neatness and the insistence of the locals upon the preservation of the Cycladic architecture in the passing of years, the warm hospitable manners and its unique set of natural beauties have maintained the global interest which is ever increasing.  
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The island’s natural elements will awaken new sensations and its unique architecture in the world will be yet another point worthy of admiration. No man alone and no thoughtful plan could create something so unique!
You will find it so exciting as you meander within the narrow alleys of the main town named Chora. Let go… Chances are high that you will end-up holding a glass of ouzo in a traditional ‘kafene” without realizing it! Around you, all sorts of people from every corner of the world, a good number of colorful boats and the island’s mascot, Petros the pelican, to keep you company.
Feel at home. Feel at ease. Greet everyone you come across if you feel like it! Let the island’s aura of warmth and relaxation wrap around you, hug you in its ample magic and speak to you in words that cannot easily be expressed.
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Do not underestimate the island’s dynamic as far as culture is concerned. It may be a small island but together with its satellites Delos and Rinia it serves as one of the most prominent, temporal regions of the world not only because of its blooming tourism but because this region was inhabited and developed into a cultural pole before the dawn of History.

What greatly aided in this process was the strategic location of these islands: in the heart of the Cyclades, close to the biggest islands of the Aegean and to the Greek mainland and capital. During each significant historical period, Mykonos was influenced. Following the wavy course of history, the island group meets the Romans and the Byzantines, the Venetians and the Ottomans while remaining an important passage for maritime trade between the East and West. 
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The picture of a place full of luxurious accommodation selections, celebrities, golden and sandy shores, a wealthy gastronomy and a vibrant nightlife would be incomplete if not for the beauty of culture in all of its forms. Next time you plan your trip to Mykonos, write down in a list its exquisite sites and notable galleries that one could benefit a great deal from visiting.

The “whys and the hows” of choosing to visit Mykonos again and again extend so much further than the mere fame of the island… Leave your heart behind and come back as soon as you feel the need to discover it profoundly. 
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