Thrilling boat tours and excursions to convey your holiday a level up!

The Greek islands seem as if they were scattered among the waves by the Gods themselves…

Uncountable as they are, the Greek islands were made to sail, if one wishes to experience their beauty in depth and from close up. Nothing compares to being able to approach each island, swim at its hidden and inaccessible beaches and walk its dreamy trails. You may have seen the whitewashed settlements with their blue domes and azure waters hundreds of times on postcards and the tv, but even the best captures are no match to the real thing!
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There is no better way than exploring the islands of the Aegean Sea by boat or a yacht cruiser. This is the only way to get in touch with a side of Greece you would otherwise miss! History can be found at every point of orientation in this country and only your skipper knows all the local tips by heart.
Without the merest doubt, having a tailor-made boat tour, either as a group or privately, will enable you to see exactly what you need in order to sooth the senses and relax while making the most of your Greek vacation.
At Saint John Resort Hotel we propose the following fixed boat tours, but, we can also get you into contact with privately owned yachts which you can rent upon request.

Let’s start with the half-day cruise to Delos Island! We visit the birthplace of God Apollo and Goddess Artemis for a 3-hour excursion. The tours on the open-museum of Delos and at the Archaeological Museum of Delos are guided one. Even though it is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, Delos was the most famous and sacred of all islands in antiquity.

After the 7th century AD the island has been totally deserted. The excavations that started in 1872 and are still in progress, have unearthed the Sanctuary and a great part of the cosmopolitan Hellenistic town. The findings from the excavations are kept in the Delos Museum and include all or part of some 30,000 vessels, statuettes, small objects, 8,000 sculptures and 3,000 inscriptions. Since 1990 the whole island of Delos has been designated as a World Cultural Heritage monument and is protected by UNESCO. Only a short boat ride away from Mykonos and a must-see for all visitors!
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Mykonos Island Private Tour will enable you to discover magnificent beaches and landscapes, explore the island at your pace and take photos creating unforgettable memories. The approximate trip duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes and includes refreshments. Please, ask at reception for further information and to book your seat! 
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A cruise with the “Glassbottom Discovery” will grant you the opportunity to enjoy a daily boat tour to the most treasured beaches of the island with a BBQ meal or watch the sunset on board with a capturing view of Delos island in the background while having your afternoon cocktail.
Last but not least, we arrange excursions to neighboring Tinos island on a regular basis. The tour gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful interior of this artistic island. Tinos - the 4th largest island of the Cyclades - is only 30 minutes away by ferry from Mykonos. Then the bus-tour takes you around many of the island's villages plus a visit to the renowned Virgin Mary Church ("Panagia") which is the most important Orthodox shrine in Greece worthy to see even though you may not be religious. 
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Don’t think twice! Set sail to some of the world's most beautiful locations around Mykonos, admire the cherished history, dine on delicious food, swim in pristine and paradise-like beaches that are inaccessible to others and forget even…your name!
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