Time for some well-deserved pampering at the Aphrodite Spa!

What would Aphrodite do? 
She’d tell you to relax and have a massage, of course!

You work hard, you look forward to your holidays. Then there’s all the planning, flights, ferry schedules, packing, taking care of all those last minute home and work details before running yourself ragged and rushing out the door… 
Sometimes we need to release some of that debilitating stress we created just to get us here in the first place! But now you’re here at the beautiful and relaxing St. John Resort, letting loose with a big sigh of relief. The next step? Well we cannot highly recommend enough, that your first stop be straight to our Aphrodite Spa right here at St. John. Because what a better way to release all the stress and tension of everyday lives back home than a massage? Or any of the other relaxing and therapeutic offerings from our very qualified and highly trained Aphrodite Spa staff. 
The health benefits of massage are well documented, both physically and psychologically, besides just feeling really great! Maybe it relaxes you. Maybe it energizes you. Maybe it helps relieve the tension in your back. Whatever it is, you know you love it! But massage has even more benefits than you probably realize. Experts in the medical field agree, that regular massage keeps the body working at optimal levels and keeps us well both physically and emotionally. The endless proven benefits of massage include, fighting Fibromyalgia symptoms, easing surgical effects, improving mood, headache relief, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility, eliminating back pain and curbing carpal tunnel symptoms. 

And after you’re feeling fantastic from your relaxing massage, why not check out our other services you may have skipped on your rush to the airport. Need a manicure, pedicure, or a soothing facial? The dry and toxic air of an airplane cabin can really do a number on your skin. And there’s no better way to freshen up and feel relaxed than by looking great and feeling pampered, the very best way to start off your amazing Mykonos vacation here at St. John Resort!
Not convinced yet? Well how about a personal recommendation from Aphrodite herself?
We named our Aphrodite Spa after the iconic Greek goddess of love and beauty herself. Probably the most vivid image of this goddess, is her beautiful emergence from the sea, a direct reference to the story of her origin. There are several conflicting stories of Aphrodite but no matter which version you subscribe to, Aphrodite was all about the beauty and love she absorbed from the sea and the nature all around her, and taking advantage of these gifts to maximize health and happiness. 
In the older version of the two most popular stories of Aphrodite’s birth, she emerges from the sea a grown woman.  Her father is Uranos, the god of the sky, and she has no mother at the time. However this particular story begins to take place two generations before Zeus, when Uranos reigned with his wife Gaia, the goddess of the earth. And Gaia devised an "interesting” plan for the sea foam to envelope Uranus, so that from this foam emerged the goddess Aphrodite.

So Aphrodite’s name possibly comes from the Greek word aphros, meaning “foam.” This is a poetic theory however, so the true etymology of Aphrodite’s name remains unknown. The entire story too, is a bit more racy than we can comfortably mention here, so you’re more than welcome to research it in more detail! 

A second perhaps more mainstream story, has her the daughter of Zeus, the grandson of Uranos. Zeus overthrew his father Cronus to become ruler of heaven, and in this version Aphrodite’s mother is the goddess Dione. The Greek poet Homer subscribed to this second myth of Aphrodite’s origin and she appears in his epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. This Aphrodite was also later absorbed into the Roman pantheon as the goddess Venus.  

Heavenly Aphrodite inspires the love between all, the love of learning, and of wisdom, and a love within the body and the soul. And because of all the differing stories and theories, the myth of Aphrodite was so complicated that her main function was narrowed down to simply the goddess of love, although she is occasionally depicted to be so much more than that. However the well known myth of Aphrodite and Adonis supports this. In this tragic romantic tale, Aphrodite falls in love with a mortal named Adonis, but he is killed by a boar while hunting. This tragic love story between the great goddess and the ill-fated mortal man appears in many cultures throughout the world, and attests to Aphrodite’s vast origins. So yes, the Greeks may have had contradicting myths for Aphrodite, but in the end, she was always their goddess of love. So we’ll accept that!

Please join us for some well-deserved pampering at the Aphrodite Spa of St. John Resort, where health and beauty are no myth, but a true and lasting benefit to your overall well being. In the spirit of Aphrodite herself, we’ll be waiting for you!
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