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How do I get my 10% discount?
As soon as you book online (from the website only) you get a confirmation email with the details of your booking. In this email, you find a voucher code which can be used for booking online through the website of the preferred hotel in the list above.
When can I use this discount voucher?
This voucher is for a stay during 2012, you can use it anytime based on the operating dates of the preferred hotel or villa.
If I don’t wish to go to a certain island. Can I transfer this voucher to a third person?
YES! This discount can be used for yourself or you can transfer it to a friend or family member.
How do I redeem my voucher?
Visiting the hotel you wish to stay, on the  island of your choice, you select the preferred dates and during the checkout you are asked for a voucher code. Once you paste your code and click on the ‘apply’ , you see the 10% discount which is for your total stay and expenses.
Do I have to book similar star and value hotels?
No, you can go to a 4 star hotel on one island and a 5 star hotel, or a villa on the other island. You are free to select and mix any kind of accommodation.
Is it possible for any problems to arise?
No! the program will remain active for the whole 2012, and since you book online you deserve the 10% discount in any case. You don’t lose your discount once you book online. 
Do I get this discount if I book through other sites, (, expedia etc)?
NO. The program works only when booking through the websites of our hotels.
Do I get the same discount if I book first in any of the listed hotels of Santorini island? 
YES! This program works this way too. Since you book first in any of the above listed hotels, you get a 10% discount for our hotel and other accommodation on the island.
This means that you are not obligated to stay first at one of our hotels. However, you can stay first in another and then book with a discount from us.
What about the boat connection between the islands?
Once you book online, send us an email (we are in cooperation with affiliate travel agents and we can manage your boat tickets as well).
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