Discover the sprinkled joys of springtime in Mykonos!


It is indeed the most renowned tourist destination in Greece for the summer and the most cosmopolitan island of the Aegean. Nonetheless, the locals maintain faithfully their folk traditions and customs especially during the Easter season which signifies the most important moment for Christian Orthodoxy…That of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

Visiting Mykonos for an Easter break - which this year is between the 14th to the 20th of April as it is a movable public holiday - is a marvellous opportunity to get acquainted with the Greek springtime. The most glorious of seasons for nature lovers and an ideal time of the year to capture a very different angle of Mykonos…One that exudes gorgeous blooming landscapes with field beds of bright green and fragrant wildflowers of red, yellow and purple colors.


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The island in spring is less crowded and Easter celebrations render it a spiritual and ambient tempo which is rather different from the crazy summer nights that are going to follow! Certainly the weather is going to be fair and the sea will be just about right for a morning swim…all-in-all, this is the best time in the year to relax and unwind amidst a very picturesque setting and to experience the Greek Easter traditions which are very enchanting!

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The dense network of alleyways in the Chora of Mykonos and every little neighbourhood across the island, smell of the seasonal culinary delights…Freshly baked “tsoureki” sweet bread, delicious Easter biscuits which the Greeks call “koulourakia”, ‘mayiritsa’ soup with meat cubes, herbs and spices, the lamb bytes called ‘gardoumbes’ and of course…the epitome of the culinary delights of the season which is the roast lamb on the spit.  


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Even if you are not religious, it would be a very intriguing experience to visit a church late in the afternoon on Good Friday to watch the ‘Epitaphios’ (the tomb of Christ) decorated with pretty, fresh flowers that is carried around the settlement followed by a slow procession that holds candles. In addition, join the locals at one of the major churches of the island on Good Saturday. Just before midnight is the time to go if you wish to see how people in Greece celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with loud tintinnabulations and vibrant fireworks!


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For your accommodation arrangements, select to stay at luxurious Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa Resort. The complex is already open for the summer season and will gladly celebrate the Orthodox and Catholic Easter with you via specially crafted seasonal packages with great extras and discounts! The hotel’s shuttle bus will even transport you to the Chora on Good Friday & Holy Saturday so that you can experience the festivities!  

In addition, Saint John Hotel will host both a Traditional Gala dinner on Holly Saturday and an all-day Gala on Easter Sunday with plenty of Greek music, the traditional lamb roasting on the spit and as much ouzo and finger food delicacies as your stomach can fit!


Photo from Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa


Join Saint John Hotel for a superb spring break with amazing sea views of the sparkling blue Aegean sea and the energy emitting island of Delos.

Happy Easter! ‘Kalo Pascha’ one and all!


Mykonos...A magnetizing paradise for the rich & famous!


Certainly the most legendary island in Greece as far as glamour and cosmopolitanism is concerned. Its well-nurtured reputation grows by the year and celebrities from around the globe fly in stylishly, eager to feast in the outstanding beauty of the natural panorama of one of Europe’s Top 10 islands.

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A heaven of chic hotels, trendy island dining, exclusive beach life and a hedonistic nightlife would be hard to keep a secret. Mykonos magnetizes the rich and famous celebrities with its irresistible allure and its array of charms. This insular paradise amidst the blue of the Aegean also constitutes a Mecca of retail therapy boasting international designer boutiques, contemporary jewellery and art galleries.

Mykonos’s magnitude is not something new. The process of its course towards the glorious status it cherishes today, begun in the 1960s when Aristotle Onassis arrived on his yacht with Maria Callas and Jackie O. The international jet set immediately placed it in their list of places to be…the hippest of the Cycladic islands offering, above all, top quality services and somewhere where they would arrive via private luxury yachts and helicopters.

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The “island of the winds”, the “Queen of the Cyclades” was, is and indeed will be the place to be seen in. Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot made it their personal retreat in the 70s adding ounces to the island’s glam factor. What followed was the eternal “waves” of celebrities, from rock-stars to royalty and from actors and filmmakers to models and fashion designers alike…

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Among the most famous visitors of the island are Madonna, Gaultier and Armani, Hugh Jackman, George Michael, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Ronaldo, Maria Menounos, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Qatar, Russell Crowe and Steven Spielberg…among a plethora of others.  

Saint John Hotel & Resort, Photo from Executive 2-bedroom Suite with a private pool


For your accommodation on the island, choose to stay at the unique St. John Mykonos Hotel located at the famous Agios Ioannis beach…A leading 5 star beach resort which has hosted numerous VIP international celebrities and jetsetters. Ample elegance and luxury characterises its set of Villas with private pools and stunning views to the Aegean. For exclusive services you can also opt for the Executive 2-bedroom Suite with a private pool! St. John Mykonos also boasts a highly reputable set of bars and restaurants which you can read all about by pressing here.

Haute cuisine, fine wines & inspirational cocktails…

Mykonos island cherishes a cosmopolitan lifestyle that can keep someone up and going from dusk till dawn. Nonetheless, it is after sunset that the island acquires a totally alluring flair…All you have to do is follow your instincts, select the type of restaurant or bar that suits you best and begin your perfect evening right here…at Saint John Mykonos.



Within the premises of Saint John there are several romantic corners for couples in love, as well as, lounge areas for friends who wish to have one or two inspirational rounds of cocktails before heading off to the melting pot of nightlife, Mykonos Town.


The only certainty is that we do our best in providing you with unforgettable and fun evenings and plenty of options to be marvellously wined and dined. Let us offer you the best start to an evening that has absolutely no time limit as to its…end!


“Kalimera” all-day restaurant welcomes you in its discreetly luxurious ambience by the infinity pool where you can brunch, lunch and dine at your convenience. Symposium restaurant offers fine cuisine of gourmet perfection, boasting Greek and International dishes accompanied by an elaborate wine list. Get those corks popping and dine the night away stylishly…



Feeling that intimacy is a top priority? Select 7th Heaven Gourmet restaurant under the stars and moonlight…The a-la-carte menu will inspire even the most demanding palates.


Alternatively to a dinner or after you have completed your culinary voyage, our bars AU BAR, Shirley Valentine’s and Entrenous are ready to accommodate your thirst for quality, inspirational and refreshing drinks and cocktails amidst stunning views.


Select AU BAR piano bar for a totally relaxing aperitif or an after-dinner cocktail on comfortable bamboo chairs and a beautiful sea view.



Join Shirley Valentine’s bar lounge area for refreshingly chilled cocktails with your friends by the swimming pool. And…if you are wearing your satin black dress tonight, then Entrenous Bar will give you that sheer luxury and sophistication you are seeking for. Make this chic bar your last stop before continuing your night out in Mykonos Town!



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